French Drains 101

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French drains have been trusted for decades as popular systems for diverting water away from structures. It’s essential that your property has a well-functioning drainage system because an excess of water can have detrimental impacts, ranging from a soggy lawn to basement flooding and foundation damage.

French Drains 101

If you’re looking for a solution to your lawn drainage problems, here’s what you’ll want to know when it comes to French drains:

What are French drains?

French drains collect water using a layer of gravel that allows water to seep through to a perforated pipe buried beneath. This type of drainage system comes with the added benefit of being aesthetically pleasing, as it can even appear to be a hardscaping feature surrounding your home.

What landscapes benefit from French drains?

This type of drainage system is most often utilized in environments that experience an excess of moisture buildup. However, there are a few qualifications that your yard must fulfill to have a French drain installed.

What are the requirements for installing a French drain?

It’s necessary that your property has at least a 1% grade drop, or at least a one-inch drop every 10 feet, for a French drain to function properly. Also, your home must have nearby access to a proper drainage location, like a storm drain or sewer system.

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