How to Properly Maintain Your New Sprinkler System

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Once you’ve installed your new sprinkler system, it needs to be properly maintained. Our team at Xscapes Irrigation and Landscapes Inc. is here to help with sprinkler system maintenance! Some essential steps should be taken to keep your sprinkler system in its best shape, helping it last for years. Here are five steps you can take to extend the life of your sprinkler system through proper sprinkler system maintenance:

  1. Repair any leaks promptly. If you suspect you have a leak, you need to narrow down where the leak is coming from. Turn off valves and spigots that provide water for your yard. Once water is turned off, the leak can be repaired. You can then turn water back on to test that the leak has been eliminated. Calling in a professional is the best way to ensure your leak is taken care of.

How to Properly Maintain Your New Sprinkler System

  1. Perform regular cleanings. Clean your sprinkler system after each use. This will ensure that the parts of your sprinkler system continue to function correctly and don’t get clogged with dirt or debris.
  2. Adjust the watering schedule as seasons change. Always keep leaves at a minimum during the fall months to allow air circulation around your irrigation systems. If it is a rainy season, continue to run your system regularly; letting it sit unused is not a good idea.
  3. Maintain a fully functional backflow preventer. Ensure it’s not damaged or clogged with debris from trees, leaves, and other materials. Verify that there are no leaks in the backflow preventer.
  4. Pay attention to changes in your lawn. Significant changes in your lawn can sometimes result in a malfunction in your sprinkler system; be sure to check it if you notice any immediate or unfavorable changes in your landscape.

Our team is well-versed in all aspects of sprinkler system maintenance, so give us a call if you’d like help with any of these tasks or have questions about how to best maintain your landscaping.