Simple Flower Planting Tips from a Landscaper

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Flowers have a really important role to play in landscape design. They add texture, as well as vibrant colors to the area, so they really help to liven up a dull, plain yard. There are many other ways they add visual interest as well. For instance, a well-placed flower bed can create a beautiful border at the edge of your lawn. Then there’s the fact that they are functional since flowers can soak up excess water around your property and help pollinators.

Simple Flower Planting Tips from a Landscaper

Considering everything that flowers can offer to a space, flower planting will likely be part of your landscaping efforts. And while working with a landscaper can ensure that you do it right, it doesn’t hurt to keep a few flower planting tips in mind in case you want to try your hand at it at some point.

Here are some simple flower planting tips to consider:

  • Choose the location carefully. It’s important to consider which species require more sunlight or shade than others so you can plant them in the appropriate locations. If you don’t have many choices in terms of location, choose flowers that you know can thrive in the designated area (i.e., if your flower beds must be placed in a sunny area, only choose flowers that can handle that amount of sun).
  • Ensure good drainage. Proper drainage is essential to successful flower planting. Too much water will kill the flowers or cause root rot. One way to improve drainage is to mix your soils and mix in compost. This will keep the soil from clumping when it gets wet.
  • Give your flowers space. You might love the idea of a full, lush flower bed, but its’s important not to plant the flowers too close together. Crowding may lead to fungal disease since the flowers’ roots may not get all the air they need.