Three Top Hardscaping Design Ideas

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Hardscaping refers to features typically made of pavers, brick, stone, or concrete that are incorporated into the landscaping of your home. You can easily elevate the functionality and beauty of your outdoor spaces by investing in hardscaping.

Three Top Hardscaping Design Ideas

Upgrading your property with hardscaping elements can turn an unwelcoming backyard space into an outdoor oasis. Here are three hardscaping design ideas you might want to consider adding to your home:

  1. Patios: A patio provides a versatile area perfect for entertaining and enjoying the natural beauty of your surroundings. Constructing a patio can add to the resale value of your home and boost the amount of usable square footage you have available.
  2. Pathways: Pathways serve many functional roles, providing clear routes that allow you to navigate your property safely and easily while preventing soil erosion and protecting garden beds and lawn ornaments from foot traffic. Developing your yard’s hardscaping design by building pathways also allows important outdoor spaces – your garage, patio, or grilling area, for example – to be interconnected and easily accessible.
  3. Retaining walls: Retaining walls enhance your yard’s visual appeal by not only adding depth and dimension, but also providing opportunities to cultivate gardens or flower beds. These hardscaping features also come with the added benefit of diminishing the likelihood of soil erosion.

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