Above-Ground Lawn Irrigation vs. Underground Lawn Irrigation

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What’s the Difference Between Above-Ground Irrigation and Underground Lawn Irrigation?

Technically, both above-ground and underground lawn irrigation systems do the same thing: they irrigate or water your lawn. The difference lies in the irrigation systems and how they are installed.

Above-Ground Lawn Irrigation vs. Underground Lawn Irrigation

  • Above-ground irrigation is usually visible while in use and can sometimes be an eyesore. A yard hose is also generally connected to above-ground irrigation, and the hose is visible while the watering process occurs. However, above-ground irrigation is extremely easy to use and can be as simple as connecting a sprinkler to your garden hose. It is also an economical option. However, the sprinkler will need to be set in the desired location, the water must be manually turned on at the faucet, and the sprinkler will need to be turned off at the chosen time if a timer is not being used.
  • Underground lawn irrigation consists of sprinkler heads submerged underground that pop up to irrigate the land. Once the area has been watered, the sprinklers will return to the ground. This option is much more pleasing to the eye than above-ground sprinklers. There is also a high level of convenience with underground sprinklers since the homeowner can set the sprinklers on a timer. This “set it and forget it” method makes keeping up with watering the lawn an easy process.

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