Why Should You Add a Drainage System On Your Property?

HomeBlogWhy Should You Add a Drainage System On Your Property?

Designing your outdoor space and landscaping is a great way to add value and beauty to your property. While making a beautiful space is a high priority, when you are designing your landscaping, drainage should be a big consideration. Sprinkler and irrigation systems are often installed to make sure your lawn and other vegetation has enough water, but taking a close look at how water runs off your property can be just as, if not more, important.

Why Should You Add a Drainage System On Your Property?

Drainage systems function to allow rainwater to run off your property effectively, keeping water from pooling in your yard and sitting around your foundation. Water sitting around the foundation of your home can cause extensive damage, weakening the foundation and structural integrity of your home. If you have a basement, it can cause issues with flooding, leakage, and mold and mildew growth. Drainage systems also function to prevent soil erosion on your property, which can damage many aspects of your landscaping and design.

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